Redbrook Village Hall

(Registered Charity 301586)


Redbrook Village hall is a community building at the heart of village life, situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, overlooking the river Wye in Redbrook. It was built by public subscription in Victorian times on land donated to the village by the them major employer The Redbrook Tinplate Company and is now a registered charitable trust (301586) run for the benefit of everybody in the community by its Trustees & management committee, that made up of volunteers from the various village groups, clubs & bodies.

The aim of the Village Hall is to contribute towards the identity and sustainability of the rural community of Redbrook and the neighbouring areas by the provision of a welcoming, safe & secure environment for social, educational & recreational purposes. It certainly fulfils this aim with a calendar of regular events such as music, dancing, fitness, educational classes and events, as well as being used as a venue for other events such as pop up tea shops, film clubs, ballet dancing classes, wedding receptions & other private parties of hiring's for meetings.

The hall also plays host to a number of other fundraising events open to the community to ensure that it covers its overheads and costs associated with operating & maintaining the Hall for the community as a whole. As with any building constructed in 1882, the amount of work required for the maintained and continuous improvement of this wonderful & important community facility rises & needs to improve year on year to ensure that it is still suitable for use and fit for purpose. So the funds and support given by the local community & businesses becomes ever more important, so that the hall can continue to achieve its original objectives and support the local & surrounding communities with their needs.

The Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped the hall over many years with donations of goods, services, gifts & time given for our funding raising events and we look forward to your continued support for Redbrook Village Hall.

The Hall has a  sprung wooden floor, commercial kitchen, changing room facilities and an accessible toilet. It is licensed to hold 120 people for live entertainment, music and dancing. Whether you're planning a wedding reception, a family party, meeting, musical get together or a craft market, we'd be pleased to host your event.

Visit our events pages to see what's coming up at the Village Hall and also find out about some of other events in Redbrook.

Unloading for large loads and disabled passengers is possible directly outside the Hall provided the vehicle is not left unattended in the road. Please contact our booking secretary for more information.

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